Raise your hand. Say yes. with Amy Tan(gerine)

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Amy Tan and Tiffany Han

Oooh, you guys. I’ve been dreaming of having Amy Tan on the show since it’s inception, and I’m excited to finally bring you this episode. I met Amy a few years ago at my first Craftcation (and where I’m speaking this weekend!) and was blown away by how cool and sweet and smart and lovely she is.

Amy is a scrapbooking superstar but started out with her own clothing company. Through her experiences running her own clothing company, becoming a scrapbooking guru, and figuring out what works, Amy has learned a LOT and I love talking to her about all of it. Tune in to find out how Amy found her creative voice, what happens when her ego gets in her way (and how she bypasses that), and how she’s created this magical life for herself.

Amy, I’m such a fan and can’t wait to spend some time with you at Craftcation. You’re gonna get a great big hug! Thank you for being awesome! 

PS. Thinking about applying for It’s Business TimeApplications close Friday and there are currently on 3 spots left, so don’t delay!

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Show Notes:

Connect with Amy: Website | Blog | Instagram | Facebook

Amy’s new YouTube series, Design on Time

Craftcation Conference

Amy Poehler’s Yes Please

Amy’s Handbook

Right Brain Business Plan

The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

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I dare you.

I dare you. via Tiffany Han

I dare you to take a chance on yourself, to step beyond your comfort zone.

I dare you to wear your heart on your sleeve, to be the first one on the dance floor, to let your enthusiasm show, to say I love you first. 

I dare you to make eye contact with the handsome stranger at Whole Foods, to smile back, to flirt with the barista because you can.

I dare you to put on the extra eyeliner because it makes you feel unstoppable.

I dare you to let the other car go first, to stop at the yellow light, to slow down for the sake of finding ease.

I dare you to give yourself 3 extra minutes to listen to your neighbor talk about her granddaughter’s soccer game, to smile and ask the question you know she’s hoping you’ll ask.

I dare you to tell your boss that you’re feeling bored and would loooove the opportunity to have more responsibility.

I dare you to disagree, to let your voice be heard, to state the unpopular opinion, the one that you’ve been feeling all this time.

I dare you to take a stand, to draw a line, to have an opinion – a strong one – because the things you care about matter. The way you are treated by the people around you matters. The way you stand up for yourself and other people and this world matters.

I dare you to speak up at the meeting when a terrible idea is shared. I dare you to give everyone a better idea to hang their hats on.

I dare you to sit up straighter. To hold your head up higher. To feel the confidence you envy in other people.

I dare you to go all in. On yourself. To take that risk, to make that move, to do that thing that could change everything. (tweet it)

And I dare you to do it today. To close your eyes and hit send on the email. To make the ask. To raise your hand and say yes. To yourself.

Because you’re ready. Because you know more than you think. And because, let’s tell the truth, you aren’t getting any younger, Gorgeous. Let’s do something with all of these experiences that make up your life. Let’s leverage them into something the 90 year-old version of you will be proud of. Let’s make them count.

PS. If you are ready to go all in on your vision of having your own business someday in 6 months (imagine September 2015!), applications for It’s Business Time are open through Friday and there are currently 4 spots available. I dare you to say yes to making this dream of yours a reality.

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friday’s confession: I want you to start.

I want you to start. via Tiffany Han

It’s no secret: I want you to start.

Start what? you ask. You know what. (And don’t you dare tell me you don’t. You know.)

I want you to start that blog or that project or that recipe.

I want you to take a moment and pick up a pen and sketch your idea out on paper, in a notebook where you keep all of your brilliant ideas. Where you get them out of your head and into your hands.

If you don’t have that notebook, I want you to go get one. A beautiful Moleskine like Picasso used. Don’t be intimidated by it, be inspired by the potential. You and Picasso have the same tools. How cool is that?

But whatever it takes, I want you to start.

If you’re dreaming of starting a business and are ready to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, I want you to start with me. Soon. Because I want your business to be alive in this world as soon as possible. (How does September 2015 sound for things to be launched? #omgright?)

But even if this program isn’t right for you, I still want you to start.

And that start might be taking a walk around the block. Or emailing that friend who owes you a favor. Or letting yourself buy that sexy bra or those shoes that you can’t stop thinking about.

Your starting might look like (finally!) putting your dreams above everyone else’s, like declaring that what you want for your life matters as much as what everyone else wants for theirs and that you can’t prioritize them anymore.

Your starting might look like subscribing to a podcast about creative entrepreneurs, or submitting a guest post idea to your favorite blog or writing a thought on a post-it and putting it up on instagram.

Your starting might look like telling your husband that you’re ready to shake things up, like committing to spending your lunch hours working on building your own business, like raising your hand and saying yes to something that you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Your starting might look different from everyone else’s and that’s okay. Because it doesn’t matter anymore what everyone else is doing. It doesn’t matter anymore if your checklist matches theirs. It only matters that you start.

Because the start is magic. The start is what tells the Universe that you’re ready, that you’re here to stay, that it’s your turn. (tweet it)

The start is what gets you on the path to your How. The start is what sets you apart from everyone else. The start is what signals to the world to look the fuck out because you are a force to be reckoned with.

The start is what starts it all.

And I want you to start. Big or small. Just start already.

But don’t wait. Don’t let your enthusiasm wane. Don’t try to be more ready or in a better position. Because that day won’t come.

You won’t be any more ready a year from now than you are today. You won’t feel any different if you let this chance pass you by and hope that it comes around again.

You won’t look back on this day, on what you’re feeling right now and feel glad that you dragged your feet and didn’t take action.

Do something that your future self will be proud of you for: Start.

PS. If you’re ready to make your start in a safe, supported, and structured environment, applications for It’s Business Time are open for one more week. There are only 8 spots available and applicants are being accepted on a rolling basis. Don’t delay – your turn is here. Are you willing to take it?

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Raise your Hand Say Yes with Meg Worden


I am such a big fan of Meg Worden and was thrilled to have her on the show. To me, Meg is the Queen of Owning It which becomes quickly apparent if you spend any time on her blog at all (I highly recommend that you do!).

In this episode, Meg and I talk about so many things – defining yourself as an entrepreneur, Meg’s time in federal prison and how she’s owned her experience, the power of telling your story and embracing vulnerability. Meg also shares ways that you can get started in telling your own story and embracing your experiences.

Meg, thank you! You are such and inspiration to me and having you on the show was such a treat. 

PS. Applications for It’s Business Time are open! If you are ready to turn your big dreams into a legit business in just 6 months, we’ve created just the thing for you. Spots are going quick (only 10 available) so don’t delay!

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Show Notes:

Connect with Meg: Website | Blog | Instagram | Twitter

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Renegade Mothering

Hannah Marcotti

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thought of the day.

How badly do you want it? Now prove it. via Tiffany Han

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to want it. You have to be willing to show up, to say it out loud, to do the work, and to push beyond the uncomfortable to create something magical for yourself. (tweet it)

If you’re ready to do all that and (finally!) put all of the pieces together when it comes to making a legit business of your own – the kind you see everyone else running – It’s Business Time is the program for you.

Michelle, Erin, and I have created the program we wished we’d had when we were getting started. Over the course of 6 months, you’ll uncover and design the What of your dream business and will tackle the How through branding and design. You’ll walk away with your big dreams transformed into a legit business (with a custom website!) that is 100% you.

And – best of all – you’ll realize that starting your own business was easier than you think with the right structure, support, and accountability.

Whether you don’t have a business (yet!) or you have one that’s not quite working for you, it’s time for it’s business time.

Applications are open through 3/27 and only 10 spots available. Let’s do this.

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friday’s confession: I want to raise a ruckus.

friday's confession: I want to raise a ruckus.

When was the last time you did something controversial?

Something that turned heads? That made people take notice? That stopped someone in their tracks?

When was the last time you were so lit up about something that you caused a fuss even though it was inconvenient? Even though it meant that people might look up from whichever distraction device they were holding and see you? Like really see you?

When was the last time you believed in something so much that you let that belief carry you?

I say that I want to help highly-creative women take bold, inspired action in their businesses…and their lives. But what I really want to do to raise a ruckus.

I want to shake up belief systems and break down the self-limiting beliefs that we all let hold us back.

I want you to know that you DO know enough. Already. Just as you are.

That you CAN do it. Even though you’re busy, even though the kids are tugging, even though it feels like the decks are stacked against you.

That you ARE worth it. That your dreams are worth it, that what you want for yourself is worth it, that you – and your hopes and fears and nervous tummy inspirations – are SO FREAKING WORTH IT.

And I want to build up an army of women, who are led by their CrazyFaith to take over the world with their big ideas. To know that they don’t have to be Steve Jobs to start a revolution. That they can start by demanding more for themselves and then becoming role models to every other woman in this world to demand more for herself.

I want this for everyone, but selfishly, I want it more for my daughters. And your daughters. And all of their daughters.

I want them to only know of a world where equal pay is a non-issue. Where opportunity is seized. Where opinions are shared, even the uncomfortable ones. Where people disagree and ideas are celebrated.

I want them to only know of a world where women stand up next to men in the world and claim what is theirs. Without doubt. Without question. Without hesitation.

Where creative freedom is a norm, where inspiration abounds, where action trumps everything.

I want them to know that possibility is limitless as long as they’re willing to do the work, to raise their hands and say yes to what they want for themselves. And I want them to know that not because they’re told, but because they’re shown – by me, by you, by all of us.

I want to raise a ruckus. I want to start a revolution. I want to change this world. (tweet it)

Who’s with me?

If you are nodding your head yes right now (YES!) and you are ready to put your CrazyFaith into action and take the first step towards turning your big dream into a legit business, It’s Business Time was created for you. Join us today at 10am PST for our no-cost webinar What we want you to know about starting a businessSign up here to get the deets and the recording and priority application for this new program. It could very well be the thing that changes everything.

If you are nodding your head yes right now but aren’t ready to start a business, then do something. Something bold. You don’t have to set your hair on fire and run naked down the street. Your boldness could manifest as an email. A whisper. An idea said out loud in a meeting. Whatever it is, muster up your CrazyFaith and DO IT.

The world needs you to. Our daughters need you to.

And I know you’re ready. And able. And worth it.

Let’s go.

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching


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Raise your hand. Say yes. with Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward on starting a business on the Raise your Hand Say Yes podcast with Tiffany Han

Ahh! It’s a good day when I get to bring my dear friend (and collaborator) Michelle Ward back on the podcast!

In this week’s episode, Michelle and I talk about starting a business, the moment you realize you’re ready to break free from your golden handcuffs, and when you should and shouldn’t follow that calling. We also talk about our own experiences with time management and taking a make-things-work approach now that we are both mama-preneurs.

At the end of this episode, we also spill the beans about It’s Business Time, a program we’ve put together to help 10 women go from Big Dreams to Legit Biz (with a website designed by powerhouse Erin Cassidy!) in just 6 months. If you’re interested in priority application, get on the list here!

Michelle, you are a dream guest. Can’t wait for us to have our own show. Thank you for everything! 

PS. Michelle, Erin and I are hosting a no-cost webinar on Friday, March 13 at 10am PST all about What We Want You to Know about Starting a Business. Sign up here to get the deets.

Listen now:

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Show Notes:

Connect with Michelle: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Michelle’s Previous Raise your hand. Say yes. episode 

Michelle’s Podcast – coming soon! (link will be updated when show is live!)

Passion Planner

Lisa Congdon


Passion planner templates

Parkinson’s Law

The War of Art

It’s Business Time

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so you wanna be a life coach

So you wanna be a life coach? Here are some things to keep in mind. via Tiffany Han

There’s a line in Sex & The City, right after Harry and Charlotte break up, when Carrie says, “Just what New York needs…another single Jewish girl.”

I think about that line every time I hear someone tell me that they are thinking of becoming a life coach.

Just what the world needs…another life coach.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do. I love the business I’ve built for myself. And I have the utmost respect for really good coaches.

When I went through my training, there was always a part of each 3-day long module where we’d do a Q&A with the leaders and assistants of the course. Inevitably, one hungry-for-success wannabe coach would ask, “How much do you charge?”

The answers would typically range from $50 to upwards of $400/hr. And you could see everyone doing the math in their heads.

So, you mean to tell me, that I can charge $400/hr? Then I’d only need 10 clients a month at 2 hours each, and I could bring home $8,000 a month.

Living the dream, right?

Except. It’s not easy to get to that place. It’s takes time and effort and patience and determination and chutzpah and stamina to get to that place. And, honestly, I don’t know a single coach who only does 1-on-1 sessions and brings in $96,000 each year.

I’ve found that when the wheels in my head start turning and I start doing the math, things hardly ever go the way I think they will.

Be a coach who

Just being a coach isn’t enough anymore.

You have to be a coach who

A coach who helps women get clear on who they are, what they want, and how to get it

A coach who helps creative women get out of their soul-sucking, energy-draining jobs and into work that feels like play (while still being a grown-up).

A coach who helps guide women towards a pleasure-filled, nourishing, well-fed life.

A coach who helps highly-creative women take bold, inspired action in their businesses…and their lives.

See how that works?

And here’s the pick-my-brain advice I want to give you:

Start now. Start writing or speaking or photographing.

Find the things that you care so deeply about, the ones that you’re willing to go to the mat for and let those percolate. Figure out how to talk about them. Start sharing things. Out loud. 

Get specific. Like really specific. Find one person you could help and start narrating your before and after.

This is going to be what sells you as a life coach. Being able to describe how someone is going to feel logging onto their email at their new job. That feeling of joy while you’re waiting for the PC in your cubicle to boot up. The joy despite the fact that you’re a Mac girl, joy that comes with having a job and doing work that you feel highly-aligned with.

There are a lot of people who write lists about the words that must die. Words like juicy, authenticity, legacy. All of these words that life coaches use all the time. If you want to be successful, define them. Get crazy clear, to the point of discomfort, about what all of these words mean to you. Tell a story with them. This is going to be the thing that will allow you to sell yourself.

Get comfortable with your personality.

Listen, no matter what beef people have with me (and there are some, always), no one can say that I lack personality. Y’all. I have a fuck ton of personality. And I let it out.

I didn’t always. I used to write blog posts like this and this. And then, over time, I started letting more of myself out. I “found my voice” which only means that I kept writing until I was comfortable enough with the page or the post that people now give me the ultimate compliment of “You sound just like your blog.”

That is what I’m striving for. If you want to be a coach who works with individual clients and have an internet-based business, I urge you to do the same.  

Here’s what I know: at the beginning, your tendency will be to keep your words and your offerings and your everythings super general.

“I don’t need a niche,” I said. “I just want to coach everyone!” And so I did, slowly figuring out the people I wanted to keep working with and the ones I didn’t. Not that there was anything wrong with them, they just weren’t the right clients for me.

And yet, I still avoided getting specific. I avoided saying that I only work with women. I avoided calling myself just a business coach. I avoided using the words bold and inspired before the word action because I didn’t want to alienate anyone.

Except. It’s okay to alienate people. In fact, it is critical. If you’re alienating certain people, that means that you’re also attracting others.

I want my perfect clients to find me. I want an online home that, upon walking through the front door, someone knows if they belong or if they never want to come back. I want to be divisive. I want to evoke a reaction. Because I only want to work with people who, upon digging into my website, say Oh hell yes. It’s like she is speaking directly to me.

I don’t want to have to talk anyone into it. And you shouldn’t either.

give it time

All of this takes time. I’m five years in, and, in a way, I wouldn’t have changed anything about my journey. In these years, I’ve had 3 different websites, I’ve started and stopped a side gig running creative workshops, I’ve gone back to my old nonprofit job twice, I’ve met so many amazing people and had so many amazing conversations that I started a podcast just so I could share those conversations with the world.

I’ve written 617 blog posts, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours coaching mostly highly-creative women who are ready to take bold, inspired action in their lives.

If I know anything, it is this: it takes time. So you might as well start now.

But. If you’re looking to become a life coach because you think it would be fun and easy, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment, especially as it seems like everyone is becoming a life coach these days. 

And I’m not here to say that you can’t find your path to success. You absolutely can. But, it’s going to take hustle and vulnerability and a level of persistence that you might surprise yourself with. You’re going to have to get scrappy. And get uncomfortable. Over and over and over again.

And you’ll find your success when you realize that your dream of creating a sustainable business for yourself, for building the life that will allow you the freedom and flexibility you’re seeking is more powerful that the discomfort of trying new things and speaking up and getting uncomfortable.

You’re going to have to raise your hand and say yes over and over and over again. And you’re going to have to try lots of things. And so many won’t work. But one day, they will start working. The question is, are you able to stick it out until then?

* If you dream about having your own successful life coaching practice and want to start building it with structure, support, and accountability, It’s Business Time is for you. I’ve built this program with Michelle Ward and Erin Cassidy – not only will you discover and be able to articulate your specific brand of helping, you’ll define and build a brand (and a website!) that will help you tell the world exactly what you do and why you do it. Priority applications open friday 3/13 (only 10 spots available!) – get on the list here to be in the know!

** Michelle, Erin and I are also hosting a no-cost webinar Friday all about What We Want you to Know about Starting a Business. RSVP here. 

*** graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching


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friday’s confession: I want your crazy.


My favorite sentence to hear on a coaching call is But it’s a crazy idea.

I tell all of my clients and every single one of my program participants – this is a safe space for your crazy. Give me your biggest, your boldest, your scariest. This is the place to say those things out loud that are bubbling up inside you that you wouldn’t dare to say out loud to anyone else. 

I want your crazy.

I want my own crazy too.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my life it’s this: your seemingly-crazy ideas are the ones this world needs the most. 

Those things that you wonder about, that no one else has ever done, that seem crazy-exciting-scary, those are the ideas that you need to follow through on the most.

Unfortunately, they’re also the ideas that we are quickest to dismiss, that we shove into the back of the closet for the safe and tested.

They’re the ideas that highlight our purest form of genius. And they’re the ones that we barely ever give heed to.

Let me say it again: The things that the world needs the most from you are the ones that you are quickest to dismiss.

You know more than you realize.

You are more ready than you know.

The idea, the vision, the drive, it’s all in you. If you let yourself tap that well.

Really. Truly.

The problem is that we start from a place of exploration, we dip our toe into the shallowest part of the shallowest end to test the waters, only letting the tiniest bit of ourselves get wet – that doesn’t tell us anything about the experience of going all in, how it will feel on our hands and our shoulders and our backs to dive deep, to trust our bodies to carry us through, to skim the bottom with our thighs before bringing ourselves up for air.

Dipping your toe tells you nothing about how it will feel to be fully immersed and committed to anything.

But we try to make the decision of Should I commit by barely skimming the bottoms of our feet on the surface, saying oh, I think it’s too cold.

We forget that our bodies are created to acclimate, that once you go all in, once your head is below the surface, your body adjusts – that water that felt frigid at first now feels refreshing and crisp and…waitforit…great.

That thing that seemed terrifying and daunting and omgIcouldn’t now feels fine. When you’re in it. When you let yourself be in it. When you trust yourself to dive in and know that everything will be okay.

And so I want your crazy. I want you to bring your biggest and boldest ideas to the table, to dive in, knowing that you are following your vision and your instincts.

I once had the idea to try to get 100 Rejection Letters. When I said it out loud, people shook their heads and said, What? You’re nuts. But here I am. I may not get all 100 letters within the year, but trust this: I’m going to keep tracking my no’s until my tracker sheet is filled up with gold stars.

I am owning my biggest and craziest ideas and not giving a fuck if the rest of the world isn’t on board.

And I dare you to do the same. Or, if you aren’t *quite* ready, I dare you to open your mind to what might be possible.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about what it might do for your life to give creedence to your big ideas.

How would it feel to really go for it and open that toy store?

What would you have to gain by hanging up your online shingle and starting that business that you’ve been thinking about for years?

What could your life look like in 5 years if you start right now?

Consider it. Ponder it. Let your mind wander in the wonder of the possiblity.

And then, bring it back to now. I dare you to leave a comment here telling me something crazy. Do it anonymously if you need to, but say it out loud. Make a mark, leave a trail. Start.

Your time is right now.

PS. If you’ve ever had a crazy dream of starting a business, but aren’t sure of the what or the why or the how, It’s Business Time is a program that I’ve created with Michelle Ward and Erin Cassidy to help you figure out all of the pieces and take your Big Dreams to Legit Biz (complete with a website!) in 6 months. On March 13, we are hosting a no-cost webinar called What We Want You to Know About Starting a Business. Sign up here to get the webinar deets AND priority application information for the program(only 10 spots available!).

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Raise your Hand Say Yes: Book Club – The Big Leap


Huzzah! It’s book club time!

As I mention in this episode of the podcast, I’ve been wanting to do an online book club since 2008 (!!) when I started blogging. Therefore, I was stoked when I was talking with Erin one day about The Big Leap and we realized that we should do a book club. On the podcast. Oh yes baby, that’s how the magic happens.

This episode is all about The Big Leap and Upper Limit Problems and Zones of Genius. Erin and I get all kinds of personal talking about our own Upper Limit Problems (that is, how we self-sabotage and hold ourselves back) and where we think our Zones of Genius might be — and why it’s so scary to talk about your genius out loud on a podcast.

If you haven’t read the book – don’t worry! The concepts mentioned are universal and I’m certain you’ll be able to relate to some of the things that Erin and I struggle with.

We’ll also be hosting a twitter chat about the book on Tuesday March 10 at noon PST and would love for you to join us! We’ll be posting questions throughout the hour using #ryhsybookclub.

And, the next book we’ll be covering is The Creative Habit: Live it and Learn it for Life by Twyla Tharp. We’ll be discussing that book on the May 5 episode.

Erin, you are the best co-host ever! Thank you for being YOU and sharing your genius with all of us! 

PS. At the end of the episode, Erin and I mention two different ways that you can work with both of us at the same time. With BossLady Branding, you get a chance to work with us on brand clarity and visual design. We are also super excited for our upcoming program, It’s Business Time, with Michelle Ward. In this program, we’ll take you from Big Dreams to Legit Biz (complete with your very own website!) in 6 months.

PPS. We’ll be hosting a no-cost webinar on Friday March 13 at 10am PST with Michelle all about What We Want You to Know about Starting a Business. Sign up here to get the deets (and priority application for It’s Business Time!).

Listen now:

Full episode (Right-click to download)

**photo and graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching


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