productivity as usual.

It's time for a new version
of getting things done.



You know you're smart. You know you're capable. 
And you know those big ideas aren't leaving you alone.
But you also know the old way of doing things is no longer working.

Is there a way to actually get things done and make magic happen...

...without the frazzled pressure that always seems to accompany trying to do and be everything to everyone while also not neglecting your own desires along the way? Is that dreamed-of consistency even possible?

You have big ideas for yourself. But, man, you're tired.

The Gentle Productivity Club

A new approach to getting things done that honors your full humanity and teaches you how to practice prioritizing, having faith, and giving yourself grace all at the same time.  

Here's How It Will Happen,
aka What's Included:

Live Kickoff Planning Session


We'll kick things off with a live Intention + Goal Setting session on January 17. Can't attend live? You'll get quick access to the recording and I'll also send a Cliff Notes guide in case watching recordings isn't your jam.

You'll walk through your 2024 vision, starting with the biggest question: How do you want to feel? Then you'll articulate some goals, make a plan to keep track of everything, and define success for yourself—on your terms. I'll do the same—covering the big (a membership! a shop! a book?!) and the small (walks outside, belly laughs, and more margins!).

Is everything rolling around your imagination possible? Let's find out. As lovingly as possible. 

Quarterly State of the Union Check-ins, live 



Monthly Q+A


A peek inside my goings-on and bonus coworking!


Throughout it all, you'll get a backstage look at what I'm working on, what's successful, and what flops as well as  occasional "I'll be on zoom later this week, join me and let's chat about whatever's showing up!" or "I need to do this thing I've been avoiding, let's cowork!" bonus calls!

Because connection matters. Even when you can't hold one more thing on your calendar. 

Remembering to remember what you want is a huge part of your inspired life design, and I've designed parts of Gentle Productivity Club to help prod you when you need it the most. 

Which means that coming home to yourself just got a whole lot easier. 

Each month, you'll get a chance to ask your questions, explore a concept further, or pick my brain about anything including my days, inspirations, reflections, or wobbles.

Want to know how to get started toward something that feels Really Important And Really Challenging? 

Considering how to hold yourself accountable to those 5am boxing workouts that you both love and hate (impressive!)?

Curious if anyone else ever snaps at their kiddos, and, if so, how to come back from it? (Everyone does! It's not just you!)

This is your chance to ask away!

Rather than a live call, the Q+A's are delivered via video each month. 

These Where Things Stand sessions are your chance to zoom out and reflect on your goals and check in with your data to see what's working, what isn't, and what's missing. 

I'll provide the structure and will also revisit and revise what I'm working on to make plans for what comes next and what's getting moved off my list. Which means you'll get the support, accountability, and an example of what this looks like in real life. 

Even the best systems are only as good as our ability to evolve them. These quarterly check-ins are your chance to live your evolution—with ease, grace, and faith.

Weekly Pep Talk & Monthly Accountability Emails 

WEEKLY: You'll get an email from me every Monday for a pep talk and a quick bts of what I'm working on. 

MONTHLY: On the first day of each month to help you set the tone, remember your intentions and how you want to feel, and create an opportunity for grounding. 

These emails will also create accountability: each week, you'll get a reminder to reconnect with your priorities and each month, I'll invite you to share (and be reminded of!) what you want to focus on for the month. 

*Note: your focus is subject to—and allowed!— change. We welcome evolutions and shifts 'round these parts. And we believe that starting down one path and realizing you'd rather be on another is actually to be celebrated, not a "wrong" move. 

On Thursday, January 25, I'm teaching a brand new workshop: Time Blocking for People Who Hate Time Blocking ($42 value), and joining Gentle Productivity Club gets you a seat!

Join today and get my new time blocking workshop!


Permission to tell your Whole Truth in your life—about what you want, what you don't want, and which direction you want to point.

Ongoing reminders that you can change your life without ditching what you've already created. Hustling not included. 



New ways to approach your goals—so you can go after your big dreams without having to burn out to get there.


Evidence that other people—even ones who are "killing it"—have down days, experience setbacks, and still grapple with doubt.


Encouragement to stop numbing, hiding, or spinning your wheels and get back into deliberate action. 


In Gentle Productivity Club, you'll get:

for 12 months

10% savings over payment plan






(doors close Thursday, January 18 at 11:59 pst)

You've had enough of trying to apply other people's 5 Quick Steps formulas into your life, but you're also done feeling like you're on a solo quest to feel creatively aligned and connected to your life. 

You're hungry for someone to help you celebrate what's possible while also sharing real-life inspiration and telling the full truth about the hard moments. 

I'm a different kind of guide and role model.

This is where I come in.


I’ve spent most of my thirteen coaching years asking people, “What do you really want?”...

...and then helping them design their lives around the answer—from starting businesses, closing businesses, speaking uncomfortable truths, taking bold risks, and raising their hands and saying yes.

I’ve worked with people from grad students to professional (and aspiring) artists to small business owners to professors to account executives to retirees, and while the circumstances of their lives might look completely different on the outside, the things they’re telling themselves about their experiences are universal. 

And theIR relief UPON realizing they aren’t the only oneS is palpable. 

While working with me, clients have made little moves and they’ve made major moves, but no matter what those moves look like on the outside, what matters most is that they’ve shifted into lives that feel good on the inside. 

And while your personal shift will start with a different relationship with productivity, this experience will actually lead you to more power, success, and flow in everything you do down the road. 

More fun, more ease, and more effectiveness… Sounds like I want you to have your cake and eat it too, right?

That’s exactly what I want. 

Beyond just my professional experience, I’ve also poured what I’ve learned from addressing my own needs into GENTLE PRODUCTIVITY CLUB. 

From my sobriety and recovery (seven years sober on 1/4/24!) to parenting to learning how to heal my nervous system to embracing my ADHD and neurodivergence, I know all about what it’s like to say "no more" to letting your to-do list (and everyone else's shoulds!) be the boss of your life. 

In fact, despite being known for helping people raise their hands and say yes and doing the from-the-outside brave and courageous things, I’ve learned that taking a much more deliberate approach to everything you're doing (and how you're doing it!) is the key to living a different kind of brave life.

One that’s less about finding a new way to make your big, bold moves happen—that doesn't require spreading yourself as thin as a piece of phyllo dough. And one that makes the path to your dreams a lot more fun! 

One that’s about saying out loud that you want to find a new way forward even if everyone else thinks that everything is just fine.

And one that takes the controversial stance that no amount of success is worth turning yourself into a shell of a human for the sake of your accomplishments.

Powerful shifts occur when you're in the room with someone who's saying things out loud that aren't typically shared


In Gentle Productivity Club, you'll practice making more time, space, and energy for your life and the way you want to live it.

Clarity around what your most true, connected, and devoted-to-intuition Self wants 

Understanding how you can do the big things and also take impeccable care of yourself and your spirit

Identifying who are you beyond the shoulds that  dictate your to-do list 

Experience structuring your work so that it supports your lifestyle and not the other way around

Saying more yes to the yay's and more no to the ugh's. Over and over.

Practice prioritizing, accepting what you cannot change, and living in choice around what you can

Other shifts you may experience include: 

for 12 months

10% savings over payment plan






(doors close Thursday, January 18 at 11:59 pst)

I can't imagine a better human to interact with weekly than Tiffany Han. Getting a behind-the-scenes peek into her world, her thinking, her pep talks... it's all pretty dang fabulous and an absolute bargain for the price. Tiff has that special magic that comes along only once in awhile.

Revival is a good-as-gold blend of keepin'-it-real chats, deep inspiration that'll get your fired up to take action AND settle snuggly into yourself, and reminders that you are always where you need to be—in business and in life."


"A daily reminder that business and life and radselbel co-mingle in a wonderfully messy, beautiful way. 

I have had goals related to writing and being more active for several years, and Revival is the only thing that has helped me make actual progress in a way that fits into my life and didn't require a dramatic overhaul."

"The ongoing conversations have helped me keep this focus rather than switching back into old patterns when life interrupts. 


Tiffany's messages have helped keep me in check with my goals, and her realness has helped me give myself grace when I fell behind my original plans. It has also helped me to feel good about pivoting when something wasn't working or just needed to change."

"This allows me to get Tiffany's wisdom in easy to digest bits without a huge commitment.




Here's what they've said
about working with me:

...and working on the me that feels right and real. I have permission to ask myself “what feels good right now?” and this doesn’t even mean that I am lazy!! This is pretty life-changing. And freeing."


...I've learned to pay attention to and value my interests and what comes "easily" to me, affirming that I have a unique point of view that the world needs."


...and here's what very smart people have had to say about working with me: 

"I have given myself permission to shift course away from what I had been doing...

"I have more confidence in my whims and intuition...

...that you have the answers and the strategy that is right for you if you’re brave enough to start listening to your own voice."


...and to say YES even when it's scary!"


"Tiffany’s approach is a revelation because right from the start she gets you to dig deep and trust...

"Tiffany taught me how to start before I was ready...

...but I know I’m worth it. I know I have talent. I know I can make it. Tiffany has helped me embrace my weird and look at it as an asset.”


...Tiffany always challenges me to go deeper and move even farther."


"I am razor clear in my head about my self worth. I’m not always sure how I’m doing everything... 

"Tiffany is able to point out things I don’t see, things I can try, and the freedom that I have to move forward...

My life now feels slower, calmer, more playful and intentional - and I have lots of tools to help me when I feel tempted to go back to my old ways." 


...She provides me with an incredible sense of flow and trust in myself and the Universe. It's also easier than ever to not give into my perfectionism."


"TIFFANY HAn’s secret sauce is making big, important, heavy things feel light and fun and playful…

"I laugh out loud because of how much what Tiffany offers me is exactly what I need, no matter what...

...and not lazy, procrastination, fear, etc. I am also more mindful to show myself love & self-compassion, which I tend to put last in the priority list.”


...and all the ways we get stuck (and then un-stuck). It’s pragmatic but counterintuitive, encouraging but challenging, supportive and also no-bullshit.”


"I have become brave. The negative things I attach to circumstances in my life are now recognizable as resistance...

"Tiffany totally gets it: this is like a primer on everything you wanted to learn about how to build a creative life...

— ME, all day every day

I can't! While I have some ideas about where the year might go, I can't make any promises about where things will go or guarantee anything about where you'll go with this experience. What I can promise is that I'll show up fully; if you're looking for certainty, promises, and guarantees, this probably isn't a good fit. 

Can you make me any promises about the things you'll share throughout the year? Or about what results you can guarantee I'll experience?

Do I get any 1-on-1 time with you? Are you coaching me in this?

This is not a 1-on-1 experience.

How will the Q+A Session work each month? Will you coach me on those?

You'll submit any q's you have in advance, and I'll record a video with my answers (and any extra thoughts or resources) and share it on the last Thursday of each month via video, audio, and private podcast. 

These Q+A sessions will be for you to ask me questions or for any resources you might need. I'm not able to give copy feedback or do any coaching on these. 

How is this different from your podcast?

My podcast is a produced, planned, and edited marketing channel. Even though it's true and authentic, you're not always getting the full story, nor are you hearing the in-the-moment story. What you're hearing on the podcast are stories that have gone through filters. Gentle Productivity Club is completely different.

How is this different from Grown-Up Gap Year?

Grown-Up Gap Year is a full year-long course and coaching program with a robust curriculum and near-weekly opportunities to get support from me. Gentle Productivity Club has far fewer touchpoints and isn't a course. 

Is this all business? I don't have (or want!) my own biz...will I be lost?

Are there any live components? When are they?

Is there an online community? 

Do I need to have a specific thing I'm working on to participate?

While my business will surely come up, this is not a business course, nor do you need a business to find applicable inspirations. 

Instead of business strategy, I'm curious what happens when we show up to everything we do with a refreshed and renewed energy. And that can apply to all of us, entrepreneurs or not.

There are live sessions throughout Gentle Productivity Club (held on zoom with a shared recording). 

  • Live Kickoff Planning Session:
    Wed 1/18 at 10am PST/1pm EST
    *90 minutes
  • Q1 State of the Union Session:
    Wed 3/27 at 10am PST/1pm EST
  • Q2 State of the Union Session:
    Wed 6/26 at 10am PST/1pm EST
  • Q3 State of the Union Session:
    Wed 9/25 at 10am PST/1pm EST
  • Q4 State of the Union Session:
    Thurs 12/11 at 10am PST/1pm EST

No. Not at this time.
Nope! (And I bet you'll come up with a ton of new ideas along the way!)

Got q's? Check out these a's:

Will you do this again next year?

I don't know if I'll be doing this again next year, nor can I guarantee the same pricing if I do.

for 12 months

10% savings over payment plan






(doors close Thursday, January 18 at 11:59 pst)

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