If hustling harder and taking on more were the answers to the life you want, you'd be be a billionaire by now.

So what is the answer? A fresh new take to getting things done... 




You're past believing that any single planner is actually going to change your life. (Oh, but it is fun to dream, isn't it?)

At the same time, you’re tired of trying to figure out why it's so easy for you to show up in some areas of your life and so dang difficult to get shit done in others. 

You're creative. You're great at handling things. And— beyond just fine—you want days that feel more fun, more free, and more effective.

Let's face it: you don't have any hustle left. (Which is actually great!)

The Gentle Productivity Club

A new approach to getting things done that honors your full humanity and teaches you how to practice prioritizing, holding things lightly, and showing up all at the same time.  


In the Catalyst Membership, you'll get monthly 1-on-1 sessions, which is the perfect addition of support for what you're building!

Looking for even more support? 

Or do you have a Big Idea you'd love to bring to life?

Ready to make some bold moves... gently? Let's go!

On Thursday, January 25, I taught a brand new workshop: Time Blocking for People Who Hate Time Blocking ($42 value), and joining Gentle Productivity Club gets you a copy!

Join today and get my new time blocking workshop!


Permission to tell your Whole Truth in your life—about what you want, what you don't want, and which direction you want to point.

Ongoing reminders that you can change your life without ditching what you've already created. Hustling not included. 



New ways to approach your goals—so you can go after your big dreams without having to burn out to get there.


Evidence that other people—even ones who are "killing it"—have down days, experience setbacks, and still grapple with doubt.


Encouragement to stop numbing, hiding, or spinning your wheels and get back into deliberate action. 


Gentle Productivity Club will give you:

And finally—FINALLY!—a reason to stop looking at every planner and time management app as if it's the answer to your getting things done prayers. Because you'll have a system of your own that works for your brain. 


"Tiffany is a great guide to lead you toward a goal in gentle and kind ways for the life YOU want...

...Not the one "they" want you to have. Gentle Productivity Club is a great opportunity to explore how to move gently toward what you want."



Yes, It Really Works

"This club is not an energy drain!

...You do not need to make time and space for one more thing because quite honestly, this club fits into our lives pretty easily. There's nothing additional that a person has "to do" except to consider a more gentle approach to the everyday life stuff that we often make ourselves muscle through.

 And while things still need to get done, why not find ways to complete these tasks in a way that feels different (Tiffany Han is awesome at this)."



"Gentle Productivity Club is filled with Tiffany's signature permissive support... 

She gives you the guardrails to get stuff done, while lovingly reminding you to take care of yourself in the process. It's accountability to achieve my goals but without all of the no-pain, no-gain bullshit."



You've had enough of trying to apply other people's 5 Quick Steps formulas into your life, but you're also done feeling like you're on a solo quest to feel creatively aligned and connected to your life. 

You're hungry for someone to help you celebrate what's possible while also sharing real-life inspiration and telling the full truth about the hard moments. 

I'm a different kind of guide and role model.

This is where I come in.


I’ve spent most of my thirteen coaching years asking people, “What do you really want?”...

...and then helping them design their lives around the answer—from starting businesses, closing businesses, speaking uncomfortable truths, taking bold risks, and raising their hands and saying yes.

I’ve worked with people from grad students to professional (and aspiring) artists to small business owners to professors to account executives to retirees, and while the circumstances of their lives might look completely different on the outside, the things they’re telling themselves about their experiences are universal. 

And theIR relief UPON realizing they aren’t the only oneS is palpable. 

While working with me, clients have made little moves and they’ve made major moves, but no matter what those moves look like on the outside, what matters most is that they’ve shifted into lives that feel good on the inside. 

And while your personal shift will start with a different relationship with productivity, this experience will actually lead you to more power, success, and flow in everything you do down the road. 

More fun, more ease, and more effectiveness… Sounds like I want you to have your cake and eat it too, right?

That’s exactly what I want. 

Beyond just my professional experience, I’ve also poured what I’ve learned from addressing my own needs into GENTLE PRODUCTIVITY CLUB. 

From my sobriety and recovery (over seven years sober!) to parenting to learning how to heal my nervous system to embracing my ADHD and neurodivergence, I know all about what it’s like to say "no more" to letting your to-do list (and everyone else's shoulds!) be the boss of your life. 

In fact, despite being known for helping people raise their hands and say yes and doing the from-the-outside brave and courageous things, I’ve learned that taking a much more deliberate approach to everything you're doing (and how you're doing it!) is the key to living a different kind of brave life.

One that’s less about finding a new way to make your big, bold moves happen—that doesn't require spreading yourself as thin as a piece of phyllo dough. And one that makes the path to your dreams a lot more fun! 

One that’s about saying out loud that you want to find a new way forward even if everyone else thinks that everything is just fine.

And one that takes the controversial stance that no amount of success is worth turning yourself into a shell of a human for the sake of your accomplishments.



In Gentle Productivity Club, you'll practice making more time, space, and energy for your life and the way you want to live it.

 This group will give you permission to find what works for you!

"There's a different way to approach goals than with "hustle culture."

— N.N., Current gentle producvity club member

I'm a creative that needs a lot of help staying on track. This group felt like the perfect amount of support to stay accountable and focused! I've already started accomplishing so much that I set out to—the actionable items list has been a game-changer!"

Some Words from the Inside:

Clarity around what your most true, connected, and devoted-to-intuition Self wants 

Understanding how you can do the big things and also take impeccable care of yourself and your spirit

Identifying who you are beyond the shoulds that dictate your to-do list 

Experience structuring your work so that it supports your lifestyle and not the other way around

Saying more yes to the yay's and more no to the ugh's. Over and over.

Practice prioritizing, accepting what you cannot change, and living in choice around what you can

Other shifts you may experience include: 

"How can I make productivity more fun and easy—in a way that consistently works for me?"


In THE GENTLE PRODUCTIVITY CLUB, YOU'LL PLAY WITH a new set of principles that inviteS YOU to ask:

Because while I WISH I could give you a quick *10 Steps* pdf and promise you'll never struggle with burnout again, you and I both know that the world will keep pushing MOREMOREMORE on us. 

And, let's face it: you're a highly-creative person whose goals will change. We welcome evolutions and shifts 'round these parts. And we believe that starting down one path and realizing you'd rather be on another is actually to be celebrated, not a "wrong" move.

Remembering to remember what you want is a huge part of your inspired life design, and WITH THE GENTLE PRODUCTIVITY CLUB, COMING HOME TO YOURSELF JUST GOT A LOT EASIER.

Here's the truth: 
Gentle Productivity is more than a club, it's a lifestyle.

...The pieces I’ve been part of have left me feeling supported and relieved! With so much on my plate, I need someone to remind me that it’s okay not to do everything right now."


... I wanted to set goals again but in a gentle way, and the gentle part is allowing me to celebrate the progress."


...and here's what Gentle Productivity Club members want you to know: 

"JOIN US! Especially if you’re detoxing from capitalism and hustle culture...

"Its perfect for ambitious people who are overwhelmed and too hard on themselves...

...GPC has given me tips, ideas, accountability, and a place to breathe, process, and plan in a way that works for me right now. My biggest win has been staying on task in a gentle and ease-filled way. It's the accountability you need in a way that feels supportive and fun! 


...It's a great way to inspire yourself to pursue your goals without punishing yourself when life gets in the way. I was surprised at how effective the group work calls are—there's something inherently motivating of showing up to a group call and being with other people who are working on their own things.


"I love love love the accountability calls and just getting shizzle done! 

"It's a HUMAN way of rethinking the capitalistic productivity paradigm...

...If all the other productivity tips and tricks out there aren't working, then maybe a different, more gentle approach is what you need. I've tried everything but the gentle and easy approach to productivity. I love the check ins, they remind me to get back on track and that I don't have to DO IT ALL."


...I feel less beholden to the to-do list. I'm trusting that things will get done. I can go to sleep without EVERYTHING being done rather than staying up all night out of fear/anxiety. I'm building muscle around the mantra, "I'll take action when I feel well-rested and inspired to take action.” 


"There's no pressure, just gentle nudges and celebrating the small wins...

"The permission to go slower has been great. Life feels spacious for the first time in a long time...

— ME, all day every day

I can't! While I have some ideas about where the year might go, I can't make any promises about where things will go or guarantee anything about where you'll go with this experience. What I can promise is that I'll show up fully; if you're looking for certainty, promises, and guarantees, this probably isn't a good fit. 

Can you make me any promises about the things you'll share throughout the year? Or about what results you can guarantee I'll experience?

Can I join month-to-month?

You can!

Month-to-month and annual registration are both available. However, I encourage you to give the Gentle Productivity way of life a few months of practice to be fully incorporated into your life. It takes time to find your groove and implement this new way (and the world will keep lobbing distractions your way!). 

How will the Q+A Session work each month? 

You'll submit any q's you have in advance, and I'll record a video with my answers (and any extra thoughts or resources) and share it on the last Thursday of each month via video, audio, and private podcast. I'm not able to give copy feedback or do any coaching on these. 

How does the Catalyst Membership work? 

For the Catalyst Membership, you get a monthly one-on-one hour-long coaching session each month with me. 

How is this different from Grown-Up Gap Year?

Grown-Up Gap Year is a full year-long course and coaching program with a robust curriculum.

Is this all business? I don't have (or want!) my own biz...will I be lost? Will this help my biz?

Are there any live components? When are they?

Is there an online community? 

Do I need to have a specific thing I'm working on to participate?

While my business will surely come up, this is not a business course, nor do you need a business to find applicable inspirations. 

Instead of business strategy, I'm curious what happens when we show up to everything we do with a refreshed and renewed energy. And that can apply to all of us, entrepreneurs or not.

Aaaand if you're an entrepreneur who struggles with focus and time mangagement, you bet this will help!

There are live sessions throughout Gentle Productivity Club that include Monthly Co-Working & Re-Imagination Sessions and Quarterly Planning and Intention Setting Sessions. They are generally held at different times between 9am and 4pm MST. Upon registering, you'll get a link to our shared event calendar. 

While there is an inspiration broadcast feed and a place to share accountability publicly, there is no noisy community forum to sort through. This is about your relationship to YOUR work and YOUR life. And I've made it as easy as possible for you to hold that focus. 
Nope! (And I bet you'll come up with a ton of new ideas along the way!)

Got q's? Check out these a's:

Is this only open to women? 

Gentle Productivity Club is open to anyone who wants to create a new relationship with their productivity. Nonbinary, gender non-conforming folks, and men are welcome to join!
shoot me an email

Have questions or wondering which membership level is right for you? Send over any questions you have! I'm the nicest!