as usual.

It's time for something different.
It's time for a new way.
It's time for a revival.



You know you're smart. 
You know you're capable. 
And you know the status quo isn't cutting it. 

You want to know yourself deeply and live in a way that reflects that. You want to take pride in how you spend your time, living as a radiant role model of possibility, committed to your dreams, your needs, and your values. 

...but without the frazzled pressure that always seems to accompany trying to do and be everything to everyone while also not neglecting your own desires along the way. Is that dreamed-of consistency even possible?

You want to feel proud of how you're living.

You've had enough of trying to apply other people's 5 Quick Steps formulas into your life, but you're also done feeling like you're on a solo quest to feel creatively aligned and connected to your life. 

You're hungry for someone to help you celebrate what's possible while also sharing real-life inspiration and telling the full truth about the hard moments. 

You're hungry for a different kind of guide and role model.

This is where I come in.


in 2022, i said no:

To social media. To being influenced. To self-soothing via shopping and scrolling. To doing anything out of obligation. 

What I thought would be a year of expansive yeses turned into a year of getting quiet, going inward, and healing (thank you therapy, sleep, and my ADHD meds!). 

So I embraced the healing. I practiced patience—it took waaaay longer than I thought it should (doesn't it always?)—and I learned how to slow down.

I reemerged from the healing, pondering what comes after a Year of No?, and I knew I couldn't go back—to the circumstances and habits that pushed me into the arms of no and to everything I was holding onto as "the way things are done."


an Inspiration and Remembering Journey where you'll learn how to prioritize the things that matter most to you—and how to deal with the bumps that come along with doing so—for all of 2023. 

You'll get to practice balancing what's important and what you want with the chaos of being human. And you'll also get to step behind the scenes with me as I craft my own Revival— in the work, the adulting, the fun, the parenting, the self-care, the relationships. All of it. 

Permission to tell your Whole Truth in your life—about what you want, what you don't want, and which direction you want to point.

Ongoing reminders that you can change your life without ditching what you've already created.



New ways to approach your goals—so you can go after your big dreams without having to burn out to get there.


Evidence that other people—even ones who are "killing it"—have down days, experience setbacks, and still grapple with doubt.


Regular truth talks that encourage you to stop numbing, hiding, or spinning your wheels and get back into deliberate action. 


In Revival, you'll get:

Here's How It Will Happen,
aka What's Included:

Live Kickoff Planning Session


You'll get access to the live kickoff session from January, and the option to join me for another live 2023 planning session (it's not too late!) via Zoom.

You'll walk through your 2023 goals, make a plan to keep track of everything, and give set up a framework you can use to do so. I'll do the same—covering the big (a book? France? Retreat in the UK? A shop?) and the small (less screen time? more walks? putting my "writer hat" back on?).

Is everything rolling around your imagination possible? Is everything rolling around my imagination possible? Let's find out. Together. 

Quarterly State of the Union Check-ins, live 


These Where Things Stand sessions are your chance to zoom out and reflect on your goals and check in with your data to see what's working, what isn't, and what's missing. 

I'll provide the framework and will also revisit and revise what I'm working on to make plans for what comes next and what's getting moved off my list. Which means you'll get the framework, accountability, and an example of what this looks like in real life. 

Even the best systems are only as good as our ability to evolve them. These quarterly check-ins are your chance to live your evolution—with ease, grace, and faith.

A Private, Ongoing Inspiration Broadcast (with community!)


Delivered video diary-style via the free MarcoPolo app (iOS, Android, and website versions), this is where I'll broadcast real-time reflections on Inspired Life Design and share the reminders that might be just the thing to spark your personal Revival.

In case you want a little more conversation in your life, you also have the option to grab the feed via my community app where you can comment away, share your experiences, and ask me any q's that show up for you! 

You'll also get the in-the-moment, unfiltered scoop on what I'm trying, things I'm shifting, what works, what doesn't and what I do when life goes sideways as I find my own Revival.

Think of these micro-doses of inspiration as less social media feed, and more Coach—Cheerleader—Creative Co-Conspirator on your shoulder to help you remember to stay connected to what you're after. (Check out what it will be like here!) (And here's what's already been covered!)

Monthly Q+A Sessions


Revival's monthly Q+A will allow you to ask your questions, explore a concept further, or pick my brain about anything including my days, inspirations, reflections, or wobbles.

Want to know how to get started toward something that feels Really Important And Really Challenging? 

Considering how to hold yourself accountable to those 5am boxing workouts that you both love and hate (impressive!)?

Curious if anyone else ever snaps at their kiddos, and, if so, how to come back from it? (Everyone does! It's not just you!)

This is your chance to ask away!

Pep talks and ongoing inspiration!


Throughout it all, you'll get pep talks, encouragements, and reminders to turn your attention back towards what matters most.

Even if work is calling.
Even if you aren't really sure how.
Even if it's easier to sit around and scroll.

Remembering to remember what you want is a huge part of your inspired life design, and I've designed every aspect of Revival to consistently deliver ongoing reminders.

Which means that getting out of your head and getting on your way just got a whole lot easier. 

Powerful shifts occur when you're in the room with someone who's saying things out loud that aren't typically shared

just imagine where YOU'LL BE AFTER HONING THIS SKILL (AND witnessing someone else do the same!) THROUGHOUT 2023...

In Revival, you'll practice making more time, space, and energy for your life and the way you want to live it.

for 10 months

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"Revival has kept me focused and balanced."

"Revival has kept me thinking and being present instead of checking out and either coasting or chasing my tail for long periods!

It’s even better than I had envisioned—If you can spare a dollar a day and 20 minutes a week, you will get a lot out of it!"


I'm Tiffany Han, and I've been living out loud since 2007.

In my work, what I've been praised for more than anything is helping creative, ambitious women feel less alone as they craft their lives.

Which means you can trust me when I say:

It's not just you who feels this way. 
It's not you who wants something that's different-yet-unnameable. 
It's not just you who's hungry for life beyond everyone's highlight reel. 

It’s not just you, I promise. 

I also love bold, year-long experiments. 

In 2012, I set out to get 100 rejection letters. In 2015, I documented my life with a daily post-it on Instagram. My year-long "no alcohol" experiment in 2017 turned into a permanent commitment to sobriety and the beginning of my recovery journey. In 2018, I wrote a year of truth talks. In 2022, I ditched social media, shopping, and obligations for my Year of No. 

Revival is what comes next. And this time, you get to journey along with me. 



  • Prioritizing my relationship with myself, my spiritual connection, and my outside-of-work life over success 
  • Cultivating ease—in everything I do: Work, home, relationships, self, while also...
  • ...Pursuing some feel-big professional goals
  • Figuring out how to get back onto social media without falling prey to the mindforkery of social media
  • Saying yes to travel, adventure, and new experiences
  • Trusting that those things that most light me up are exactly the ones I need to focus on

"What do you
really want to do?"
Every single day.


In 2023, WE'LL PLAY WITH a new set of principles that inviteS US to ask:

What does your most true, connected, and devoted to intuition Self want? 

How can you do the big things you want to do and also take impeccable care of yourself and your spirit?

Who are you beyond who the various algorithms want you to be and how expand beyond all the influence?

How can you structure your work so that it supports your lifestyle and not the other way around starting now?

Are you saying yes to the yay's and no to the ugh's as much as you possibly can? 

And what can you do about those things you cannot (yet) change?

Some other questions we'll be exploring in Revival are: 

Revival      for you if:

You're curious to play with different concepts and see what comes up

You prefer Course-Style learning with lots of worksheets, lessons, and step-by-step instructions

You love the idea of an adventurous exploration

You're looking for a formula you can use to copy-paste-repeat your way to a specific outcome

You're excited to peek behind the curtain at what I'm learning and experimenting with

It's probably         for you if...

You roll your eyes at the word creativity and think that Serious is The Way

It's probably
for you if...

for 10 months

13% savings over payment plan






Join now to get access to All Things Revival 2023 thru 12/31/23.
You'll be able to dive into everything created so far immediately! 
(doors close Monday, March 27 at 11:59 pst)

"I can't imagine a better human to interact with weekly than Tiffany Han. Getting a behind-the-scenes peek into her world, her thinking, her pep talks... it's all pretty dang fabulous and an absolute bargain for the price. Tiff has that special magic that comes along only once in awhile.

Revival is a good-as-gold blend of keepin'-it-real chats, deep inspiration that'll get your fired up to take action AND settle snuggly into yourself, and reminders that you are always where you need to be—in business and in life."


"A daily reminder that business and life and radselbel co-mingle in a wonderfully messy, beautiful way. 

"I have had goals related to writing and being more active for several years, and Revival is the only thing that has helped me make actual progress in a way that fits into my life and didn't require a dramatic overhaul."

"The ongoing conversations have helped me keep this focus rather than switching back into old patterns when life interrupts. "


"I didn't really know what to expect with Revival, but I love it. Tiffany's messages have helped keep me in check with my goals, and her realness has helped me give myself grace when I fell behind my original plans. It has also helped me to feel good about pivoting when something wasn't working or just needed to change."

"This allows me to get Tiffany's wisdom in easy to digest bits without a huge commitment."




Here's what they're
saying about Revival:

I can't! While I have some ideas about where the year might go, I can't make any promises about where things will go or guarantee anything about where you'll go with this experience. What I can promise is that I'll show up fully; if you're looking for certainty, promises, and guarantees, this probably isn't a good fit. 

Can you make me any promises about the things you'll share throughout the year? Or about what results you can guarantee I'll experience?

Do I get any 1-on-1 time with you? Are you coaching me in this?

While Revival does not include any 1-on-1 with me, there is a community option.

How will the Q+A Session work each month? Will you coach me on those?

You'll submit any q's you have in advance, and I'll record a video with my answers (and any extra thoughts or resources) and share it on the last Thursday of each month via video, audio, and private podcast. 

These Q+A sessions will be for you to ask me questions or for any resources you might need. I'm not able to give copy feedback or do any coaching on these. 

How is this different from your podcast?

My podcast is a produced, planned, and edited marketing channel. Even though it's true and authentic, you're not always getting the full story, nor are you hearing the in-the-moment story. What you're hearing on the podcast are stories that have gone through filters. Revival is completely different.

How is this different from Grown-Up Gap Year?

Grown-Up Gap Year is a full year-long course and coaching program with a robust curriculum and near-weekly opportunities to get support from me. Revival has far fewer touchpoints and isn't a course. 

How will the Broadcast work? Will you be on every day?

Here's a Sampler Broadcast I recorded over a week in December to give you a taste of what to expect.

The Broadcast is delivered via a free app called MarcoPolo that you can access on a smartphone, tablet, or via the web. You also have the option to view the broadcast via my Community app. I typically broadcast 2-3 times each week—here's what I've covered so far. The broadcasts don't expire, so you don't have to be constantly active to get value from these. (There's magic in trusting that you'll see the exact thing you need at the exact moment you can use it.)

Ooh, so this is like I'll have your number and can text you whenever I need something, right?

No, but if you have q's along the way for me, you can ask them in the community or submit them for me to answer on the monthly q+a session.

So, is this going to teach me how to market my business? I'd love that! 

Is this all business? I don't have (or want!) my own biz...will I be lost?

Are there any live components? When are they?

If I do this, does that mean I want my life to look just like yours? Is it only for moms? Women? In Colorado? Dog lovers? Podcasters? Bakers?! I'm not sure if I'll fit in!

Is there an online community? 

Do I need to have a specific thing I'm after to participate?

While marketing and social media will come up, this is not a marketing course, nor is it an in-depth look at my ongoing marketing strategy. 

While my business will surely come up, this is not a business course, nor do you need a business to find applicable inspirations. 

Instead of business strategy, I'm curious what happens when we show up to everything we do with a refreshed and renewed energy. And that can apply to all of us, entrepreneurs or not.

There are live sessions throughout Revival (held on zoom with a shared recording). Upon registering, you'll get immediate access to the previous sessions. 

  • Live Kickoff Planning Session:
    Wed 1/11 at 10am PST/1pm EST
  • Q1 State of the Union Session:
    Wed 3/22 at 10am PST/1pm EST
  • Bonus 2023 Planning Session: 
    Tues 3/28 at noon PST/3pm EST
  • Q2 State of the Union Session:
    Wed 6/28 at 10am PST/1pm EST
  • Q3 State of the Union Session:
    Wed 9/27 at 10am PST/1pm EST
  • Q4 State of the Union Session:
    Thurs 12/21 at 10am PST/1pm EST

Yes! There is an optional community space if you want to comment on and interact with the posts.
Nope! (But I bet you'll come up with a ton of ideas along the way!)

If this has piqued your interest, that's a great sign!

And know this: the reason I teach radical self-belief is that I think you're the Expert on your Self.

I trust you to know what's best for yourself. Revival will help you find and clarify what that really looks like and maintain your path when the Big Bad Wolf starts telling you all the reasons you should bail. 

Okaaaaay, so is it like a message board where everyone can comment and then it gets super noisy and overwhelming? 

It is not. (That does sound overwhelming!) I will be the only person who can broadcast to the group.

Got q's? Check out these a's:

Will you do this again next year?

I don't know if I'll be doing this again next year, nor can I guarantee the same pricing if I do.

for 10 months

13% savings over payment plan






Join now to get access to All Things Revival 2023 thru 12/31/23.
You'll be able to dive into everything created so far immediately! 
(doors close Monday, March 27 at 11:59 pst)

— ME, ON JAN 1, 2023

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