Let me begin by being explicit: Black lives matter. 

Combatting racism and dismantling white supremacy is both personal and political. As a coach, writer, speaker, teacher, content creator, and parent, I am investing my time, money, energy, and attention to calling out white supremacy and committing to be anti-racist.

This involves both taking action and doing the quiet, deep work of looking within.

There is an urgency to act now and a need to lean into long-term sustainable ways of showing up to do this work. And I am committed to doing both. 

My mission with this statement is to clearly state my commitments and hold myself publicly accountable. This statement will be updated quarterly. 

My Commitments: 
I will be explicit in calling out the system of white supremacy and how it stands in the way of opportunity and outcomes for BIPOC and people who hold marginalized identities.

I'm committed to doing the deep work on myself to examine and question my own internalized racism and implicit bias as well as the daily, for-the-rest-of-my-life work of being a force of change in dismantling the system of white supremacy.

I am committed to acknowledging the privilege inherent in my identity as a cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied, middle-class white woman and the advantages I’ve had in my life due to the body I was born into.

I commit to educating myself on anti-racist practices and policies and to advocating for, amplifying the work of, and participating in both individual and collective action to address racism, both in my personal life and community and in my business, and systems of oppression that seek to keep marginalized people on the outskirts of access to power and resources.

I commit to continuing to amplify and value the voices of individuals who hold further-marginalized identities on my podcast, sustaining my goal of at least 50% of podcast guests being BIPOC or having further-marginalized identities. 

Beginning January 2022, I commit to donating at least 3% of gross revenue to organizations working to combat racism and support equitable outcomes for people affected by racism and systems of oppression. 

Organizations I'm supporting in 2023:
Community Change
National Network of Abortion Funds
Free From

I commit to using my own voice and platform to uplift voices of color and speak out on an ongoing basis about social justice issues, working to center the experiences of diverse populations rather than my own opinions.

I also commit to staying in my own lane, teaching what I know how to teach, and turning towards and amplifying voices of those who teach what I need to learn. 

I’m committing to doing the work of following through on continually learning how to dismantle systems of oppression, and taking action on my learning so that my anti-racism commitment goes beyond gathering information.
As I step into what’s next in both my own evolution and our cultural evolution, I’m also committing to taking care of myself—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—so that I can continue to show up to this work and these commitments.
(Updated 05/2023)

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