I’m on a mission to teach you how to go from busy-but-uninspired to a life that *feels* as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Because you deserve to feel good.
Like: really, really good.

Hi. I'm Tiffany.

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Mati Rose McDonough on Feeling the Fear

  1. So inspiring! Thanks for that. And yes: Pomodoro rocks!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    […] also want to share my podcast with the fantastic Tiffany Han that just aired […]

  3. I am so grateful that you mentioned that it’s okay to feel ready to spend a semester in Columbia teaching art in a women’s prison but still be scared to drive on the highway. I cannot tell you how reassuring that was to hear. Thank you for filling your podcast with such honesty and compassion!

  4. Another amazing podcast-kinda going out of order but finally got them all in. I really appreciate the expanding conversation around art school. I am a 5 year survivor of grad school with an MFA in Painting that may have done more damage than good when it comes to creativity. And, I know for a fact that it did little to nothing to prepare me for the business of being an artist. I won’t say this is true for all institutions but where I went there was a philosophical disconnect between the teaching of art and business of art. The message comes across that it is a necessary evil best left to the galleries (I only have experience in the fine art end of things not the illustration/design or other branches)-let them sully themselves with it-all artists have to do is create. Then there is also a mistrust of the gallery system that is communicated but not ‘taught’. The entire system was a Janus.After I left school I worked hard to learn the business side and later returned to teach professional practices. I spoke at conferences on business and art and really challenged my students to think entrepreneurially and thought I had found my path-yay! Nope. The problem was it was an add on class and not required plus it was buried in students senior year and enrollment (and authentic faculty support)wasn’t enough to sustain an adjunct position. That’s the nutshell but touches on some of the trouble facing young (and older) students developing a clear understanding of the close relationship between business and art that needs to be cultivated. Again, it is based only on my experience at a single school but I do believe it isn’t unique.
    Thanks again for these amazing podcasts! Loving every one 🙂

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