I’m on a mission to teach you how to go from busy-but-uninspired to a life that *feels* as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Because you deserve to feel good.
Like: really, really good.

Hi. I'm Tiffany.

  1. I missed the deadline for the book drawing but wanted to comment anyway! I just found a moment to listen and just had that omg, yes kind of head nodding experience. This was AWESOME and I am getting more excited and terrified for 100 rejection letters! I can’t wait to figure out what comes next! Thanks for the great brain food!

  2. Tiffany,Your podcasts are so inspiring! I especially love what Tara said about productivity, because that’s something I struggle with. The suggestions to stop thinking of the industrial model of the 40 hour 9-5 work week as the norm, and to measure overall productivity rather than daily productivity are so helpful.
    Light to you,

  3. I have stubbed across you site, bog and now the podcasts! I am finding everything to be extremely inspiring and it has helped me to get back to my creativity.Thank you for creating and opening yourself to everyone.

  4. mrsbgnkosi@gmail.com says:

    I needed something to lift my Soul because suddenly I felt down and I have been trying to bring myself back but not winning. Learning that I’m not alone really makes me feel normal.
    While I was listening to the podcast I managed to plan for my blog’s new post… I’m so excited!

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